Chapter Opportunities as of February 2019

Spring Seminar Committee

  • Committee Members
    This committee puts on an amazing show every spring - a day-long educational affair for the community of insurance professionals in our area. Members participate in monthly conference calls starting around December, then bi-weekly calls, then as-needed as the event draws closer. The Spring Seminar committee discusses content/theme options, finds and coordinates speakers, coordinates messaging with the Communications committee, then runs the show on the day of the event. Whether or not you've had any experience, this is a great way to get involved, learn, and offer your time and opinions. Please inquire directly with the Spring Seminar Chair.


South Sound Subchapter

The newly launched South Sound Subchapter is growing! The Subchapter functions as a committee within the chapter. Here are some of our needs:

  • Chair
    We're in need of a master coordinator/facilitator/delegator for our South Sound activities. The aim is for the Subchapter to have a conference call or in-person meeting quarterly to start. South Sound New Designee Rep, Champions, Good Works committee members, facility organizers will be de-facto committee members in addition to the balance of the committee. Please send role inquiries to Megan Whittemore with a cc to Catherine Espel-Logan.
  • Good Works
    We need one more member to join Sean Logan representing the South Sound faction of the Good Works committee. Since this is new, we're starting with one event per year that will need to be coordinated, liaising with the Communications committee to get event invites out. Please contact Sean Logan to apply.


I-Day Committee

  • Committee Members
    Many hands make light work. This annual event is our big show, and we need all the help we can get from within. Members of this committee participate in monthly conference calls to start, then switch to as-needed calls and emails as the day draws nearer. There are many areas to help out - vendor fair, educational sessions, luncheon program, New Designee Conferment! And that's not all. Join the team to help make this event even more spectacular next year. Please send inquiries to the I-Day Chair.


Communications Committee

  • Social Media
    NOT just for kids! If you appreciate the advantage of consistent social media marketing, the Communications Chair would like to speak with you. The committee is in need of some additional hands on deck coordinating messaging around events and other Society offerings. This position is mostly flexible: Monthly coordination with the committee with tasks to be performed surrounding events, but executed at any time of day. Must already be comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The committee uses Slack/Trello to coordinate. Bonus points if you've run multiple accounts before. Extra bonus if you've shared an account with a team before. Must adhere to chapter standards of communication - no personal posts permitted. We're willing to teach on those last four points.
  • Chapter Email Monitor
    The committee is looking for extra help staying on top of chapter inquiries. This position is flexible with timing, but will require weekly attention to the inbox. This volunteer will review and take lead on response to form submissions from the website, responses to invites, and general inquiries. This is a major touch-point for the chapter and a great way to represent us. If you're relatively new to the chapter organization, you'll need to be resourceful within the chapter ranks in order to handle the variety of incoming questions from membership. Please contact the Communications Chair to apply.


Membership Committee

  • Outreach - lapsed members
    The Membership Committee could use some extra hands to help reach out to lapsed Society members. Sometimes someone hasn't received their dues invoice. Sometimes a member isn't sure what they get for their dues. Sometimes a personal touch is all they need. Our committee has developed a non-invasive way to reach out. Minimum commitment will require a small monthly quota of lapsed member emails, and monthly reports due to the committee. Success rate is not required for this to be valuable. We simply want to remind our fellow designates that they're still welcome. For the percentage of people who respond positively or with questions, committee members will need to take the lead on resourcing the proper responses or pass-offs to other leadership. Please inquire with Chris Brumfield for more info.


Education Committee

  • Luncheon Coordinators
    The chapter needs someone who can attend most monthly luncheons to be responsible to bring/setup flyers, order and bring speaker gifts (tarbuck's gift cards), and potentially manage the availability of the chapter's projector. This role could be split amongst 2 or 3 people depending on geography and general availability. Please contact the Education Chair to apply.
  • CPCU Course Teachers
    Have you ever wanted to teach a CPCU course? Have you done so in the past and might like to try again? The chapter would love to speak with you. Please contact the Education Chair with your interest.
  • Speakers
    Would you like to deliver an industry presentation to membership? We need monthly luncheon speakers, Spring Seminar speakers, I-Day speakers, panel ideas, diversity speakers, ethics speakers, and soft-skills speakers. Please let the Education Chair know if you are interested or if you have ideas for us!


Company Champions

The CPCU Society’s Champion program facilitates two-way communication between the CPCU Society and its members’ employer organizations. Through this program, the CPCU Society is able to engage active members to champion the benefits of the CPCU designation and the Society, and stay up-to-date on the evolving needs and issues of our members’ organizations. By becoming a champion, you will gain visibility and status within your organization and the CPCU Society. At a minimum, the Champion role will require a monthly commitment any time during your work day to 1) make sure your firm's bulletin boards have the most recent upcoming event info, and 2) extend at least 1 personal invite to a coworker for an upcoming event. Champions will liaise directly with the President-Elect as needed - please contact them to apply.



  • Retired CPCUs - If you're looking for a way to stay involved with Society on your own schedule, please consider giving back by becoming a mentor. There are a lot of unmatched mentees looking for perspective that only experience can provide.
  • Working CPCUs - Whether or not you think you're a leader, there is someone out there who will benefit greatly from just your time and attention. The Society's Mentorship Program needs more Pacific Northwest engagement. Signing up is committment free, so we encourage everyone to start there and survey the landscape. Consider giving back - you'll find the experience boosts your own sense of career and self.
  • New Designees! - Yes, you too can be a mentor! Many of you wonder what you'll have to offer another CPCU Society Member. Two quick responses: 1) You can be a mentor to Candidate Members who are looking to finish the CPCU designation, and 2) many insurance professionals have only the perspective of the roles they've played until they reach out to someone in another part of the industry, so don't count yourselves out!

Mentors, once you've signed up, review the mentee roster in the system and consider reaching out to an unmatched mentee. Their profiles will suggest a match percentage and some of the areas they are seeking mentorship in. This will be a great reminder that a personal touch goes a really long way.

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