Mar 24
Chapter Meeting

March Chapter Meeting - It's Ethics Month! Part 2

03/24/21 4:50am to 6:00am

March is Ethics Month!!

The second of our TWO! chapter meetings on ethics will occur on Wednesday, March 24th

Current insurance rating includes a credit rating factor. There is discussion in the industry if this, although legal practice, meets today's ethical standards as there are many other big data and analytical options for determining risk factors outside of a credit score. 

This debate between Peter Marchel and James Jones will certainly not solve these questions but will provide us with a sure to be entertaining deeper dive into this timely topic. 

Washington State Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler asked the WA State Legislature in January 2021 to ban the use of credit scores in insurance rating. 

Invited: Any Pacific Northwest CPCU Society Chapter Member, Candidate Member, and any Friend of the Pacific Northwest CPCU Society Chapter. 

When: Wednesday, March 24th, 11:50 am - 1 pm PST

Where: Zoom 

What: Debate on whether current standard of rating is still ethical in a world of big data and artificial intelligence

Summary: The proliferation of big data and the use of artificial intelligence permits insurers to discover and apply new relationships between data variables and risk similar to the use of credit in rating insurance. Data such as online shopping behavior, social media activity, online searches, and numerous other factors may be linked to risk. Two opposing views on this will debate the ethics of whether traditional legal and ethical standards are sufficient to deal with these new potential ways of rating risk.

WA OIC CE Credits 1 hr Course Number 626449 ( please note: at this time, this is a regular credit, not ethics credit)

CE for CPCU Credits 1 Hr

There is no fee for this event and any interested are welcome to attend! 


The Zoom link and joining instructions for this virtual event will be sent to you as part of the registration confirmation. 

Please note: 

If this event is offering Washington State Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) Continuing Education (CE) credit, registration within Zoom and participation in the polling questions during the event are required to earn credit. 

Additionally, depending on your ISP location you may see a different time. This event is from 11:50 am to 1 pm Pacific! 




Peter Marchel

Marchel & Associates

Jim Jones

Executive Direct
Katie school, Illinois State University

Teaching business professionals and college students and developing curriculum for executive programs. Received award for innovation in teaching. Strickler award 2007.
12 years management experience, consulting on business performance
Executive coaching and Leadership Development (Certification in Executive Coaching 2004)Board Member. Served on Boards of CPCU Society, Insurance Education Institute, Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education.