CPCU Society Statement on George Floyd's Death

Thu, 06/04/2020 - 22:49
by Thomas Woods, 2020 CPCU Society President

From Thomas Woods CPCU, 2020 CPCU Society President.


The CPCU Society, along with the rest of the world, is disheartened and sickened by yet another senseless death in the black community. While the answers to racial injustice are complex and multi-faceted, we stand with all those impacted to say NO MORE.

While many in the United States thought we were past these issues, recent events prove we are not. We vow to be a part of the solution and do whatever we can to ensure that each individual is treated as an equal and with respect regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, or any other attribute that unfairly labels someone as "different." Our black colleagues may look to be okay to us. But that may not be their truth. The CPCU Society is committed to open dialogue to promote change.

Pain does not respect work or home boundaries. We care about the safety and welfare of people of color and their right to live free from racism and injustice. Support of this movement will make us a better and stronger nation and will make the CPCU Society a better and richer organization.

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